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Apple asks for tax exemption for AirPods, Apple Watches, iPhones components and more

Since the trump government announced a series of new import tariffs for US companies that manufacture their products at ChinaWe have had several rounds of Apple's negotiations with the White House to ease the tax burden on Apple products (which are mostly mounted in the Wall Country).

The most recent imbroglio revolved around the Mac pro, which was denied the request for exemption from tariffs, then granted, then partially denied again by the government. It is worth remembering, however, that this round of 15%) not only affected Ma's new professional computer, but much of its Chinese-made products. So here is one more request.

As reported to Bloomberg, Apple yesterday issued a formal request for the US government to exclude some of its products from the list of tariffs. The list includes the Apple watch, The iMac, some components of iPhone, The HomePod, the Airpods, the wireless headphones of Beats and the Beats Pill +.

The request also requests exemption for some accessories and parts such as Smart Battery Cases iPhones, the recharging cases AirPods and Powerbeats Pro, some storage components of the Mac pro and some batteries for iPhones and MacBooks.

Apple clearly does not sleep in service yesterday was the first day that companies were able to formally request exemption from tariffs. It remains to be seen whether their claims will be granted: as we have already reported, the Trump administration has stated that case by case consideration will exempt products or parts that are only available in China, which are "strategically important" or when taxes will "cause harm". severe economic crisis ”company in question and American economy.

In the document requesting exemption, Apple said it could not identify suppliers outside of China that could meet US market demand for its products over the next year. The question now is whether Donald Trump and his class will accept the argument or if the dispute continues. Let's wait.

via 9to5Mac; image: DetroitBORG