Apple argues that tax increases will affect its US investments

Although it is considering taking (much) of its production out of China, Apple knows it still depends on current facilities and is still trying to change the mind of US President Donald Trump.

A few days after Tim Cook visited the White House to discuss the US trade war with China, Apple today sent a letter to the US Foreign Trade Ministry once again calling for a suspension of tax increases.

In the letter, Apple claims that the increase will have a significant impact on almost all of its products (including iPhones, iPads, and Macs) and that therefore company's investments in the US would have to be reduced.

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Moreover, considering that several Chinese giants do not have a very significant stake in the US and other outside manufacturers would be less impacted by the readjusted taxes, Apple says the move affect your competitiveness in the global market.

Apple concludes the letter by stating that a "proud American company" as well as "the largest corporate taxpayer in the US Treasury," and thanks in advance for reconsidering the measure.

Getting Trump and his team to change their minds about something is not very trivial, but certainly this pressure from Apple is no small feat.

via Politico