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Apple Arcade Wins 6 New Games, Reaches Promised 100-Title Mark

Today Friday, Jane Fonda's day of pulling her cock off, and of course checking out what's new in the Apple Arcade! This time, they were added 6 new games platform finally reaching the mark of 100 titles available in the service just under two months after its launch.

For those who do not remember, at the time of the announcement, Apple said that Arcade would be released with more than 100 games, a promise that took a little while to realize. But here we are, fortunately, and now let's take a look at what's new.


An RPG adventure in episodes of Sirvo Studios where you set off on a journey with your friends to reach a mystical temple on a mountain. The idea is to save the world as you battle against self-conscious goblins, ghosts and coffeemakers (yes, that's right) by examining the powers of your characters and enemies.

UFO on Tape: First Contact

UFO on Tape, Apple Arcade Game

What would you do if an unidentified object appeared in heaven? Would you try anyway to photograph it and film it with your cellphone in it? this is exactly the purpose of the adventure developed by Revolutionary Conceptsis a game with touches of augmented reality and various obstacles for you to meet visitors from another planet.

Takeshi & Hiroshi

Takeshi & Hiroshi, Apple Arcade Game

A great dose of puppet-looking metalanguage: You take on the skin of Takeshi, a game creator who is developing a game for his younger brother, Hiroshi. At the same time, you play the game that is being developed by Takeshi and needs to level up as Hiroshi grows and gains skills. The title of Oink games It has elements of RPG and adventure.


THE puzzle gives Shifty eye It is set in a desolate scenario that has lost its own color. You have to solve the challenges of returning the colors to the spot while discovering more secrets than you initially seemed.

Sociable Soccer

Finally, Apple Arcade has a football game to call its own: the title of the Rogue games revive the thrill of the game itself with the intellectual challenges of running a team. You can have access to up to 25,000 players from over 1,000 international teams, and games can be played in full mode. multiplayer or in a 60 hour campaign mode.

Marble It Up: Mayhem!

Do you like marbles? Then you will love the new creation of Marble It Up. There are dozens of special scenarios to roll your balls, with various obstacles, special elements and interesting twists even with areas without gravity, to make the whole thing difficult.

All games are now available on Apple Arcade for iPhones, iPads, iPods touch and Apple TVs; some of them also have versions for Mac. Apple's platform, as you know, costs R $ 10 monthly in Brazil and offers a free ms test.

Ah, also worth checking out the new trailer for Sneaky Sasquatch, a game that has been available on the platform since its release but recently had the promotional video released by Apple:

Who is already playing? 😀