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Apple Arcade wins 5 new games including Super Mega Mini Party and The Mosaic

As the young people say, sixth! I mean, not yet in our business, because we're still on business hours, but not Apple Arcade Yes.

Following the tradition of the past few weeks, Ma has added another batch of titles to her gaming service today and we'll take a look at them right now.

Super Mega Mini Party

Jumper Jon, Apple Arcade Game

The game of Red Games Co. It's clearly even inspired by the name in Nintendo's Mario Party series. Here we have eight minigames designed to bring family or friends together (in person or online); It is also possible to play alone and build your skills and achievements.

The mosaic

A “surrealistic and atmospheric” adventure game, according to the developer Raw fury, which deals with the isolation in urban life and the "dread of being a part in a giant mechanism that you do not understand". Basically, you take on the role of a character who begins to see strange things happening in the routine and, from then on, part in an adventure. It sounds intriguing.


In the colorful game of PICOMY, you take on the skin of a DJ animal (!) of your choice in a music contest that basically consists of fishing for the title "Monomals" to make music. You can compete with other real players, take part in weekly contests, rate someone else's music, and see ratings for your creations. That's crazy, huh?

Star fetched

Star Fetched, Apple Arcade Game

Science Fiction Themed Platform Game Crescent Moon GamesStar Fetched transports the player to a distant planet where an alien invasion is underway. You can explore planets and use tools like weapons, boots and helmets to expand your capabilities and defeat enemies.

Jumper jon

Jumper Jon, Apple Arcade Game

Here we have an action game side scrolling created by Esteban Duran where you take on the skin of a nice character (who names the game) navigating ten areas of hell to save his girlfriend. The narrative is divided into chapters, and the following parts of the story will be released periodically.

Who is already playing? Leave your initial impressions below and good fun!