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Apple Arcade will cost $ 5 a month, according to iOS 13 files

Earlier today, we talked about starting the test program of the Apple ArcadeIt is Apple's gaming platform that will release a good amount of titles to users for a monthly amount. Until that moment, however, that value was still a mystery; Now we can get a pretty accurate idea of ​​how much Ma charges.

Exploring internal files from iOS 13, the Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo discovered a promotional message that could be used by the App Store on the new system. The text leaves no doubt: Apple Arcade cost $ 4.99 by ms and Ma give to users a free ms of tests.

As we commented earlier, the platform is being tested by Apple employees for a monthly value of $ 0.50, but this is of course a symbolic value.

Remember that, as Ma j announced earlier, Apple Arcade may be part of the company's Family Sharing. That is, up to six people from the same house will be able to enjoy the gaming platform for $ 5 which seems like a very good offer considering we are talking about a service with about 100 exclusive games (at launch) totally free of internal purchases. and without advertisements.

Obviously, Apple could change its mind and change that $ 5 until the release of Apple Arcade, which (apparently) will be made available to the world shortly after the arrival of iOS 13; Still, we have a good estimate. We can also risk the price of the service in reais when it gets here commonly, $ 4.99 is converted into R $ 18.90 on the App Store, but we'll have to see what price strategy Ma will adopt in Brazil.

via 9to5Mac