Apple Arcade: 15 Games You Need To Know

Apple Arcade is an Apple subscription service that offers hundreds of games to its users and is a direct competitor of the Google Play Pass for Android. With it, just pay the unique subscription and play as much as you want, limits, no ads and also without any additional purchase.

It allows users to download and play both online and offline, as well as enjoy the many games available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. If you didn't already know Apple's service and device owner, it's worth checking out. And if you already know it, check out 15 games available on Apple Arcade that you can't miss.

1. Cat Quest II

For pet lovers, Cat Quest II is a great game that brings elements of adventure, RPG, cats and dogs in a fun way. Your graphics are beautiful and you can play it alone or with friends in multiplayer mode.

The game has a fun storyline, different weapons, spells and different skills so you can fight increasingly difficult enemies and bosses. Access and check out Cat Quest II via the link.

Cat Quest II Apple Arcade

2. Oceanhorn 2

Secondly, we have Oceanhorn 2, a great game for those who like the RPG genre. In it, you control a young knight who must defeat a powerful sorcerer who controls a dark army.

But in addition to a single character, there are other partners who can help you during your adventures. The graphics of the game are extremely charming, as is its setting. It's worth checking if you have Apple Arcade, go to the link.

3. Bleak Sword

Bleak Sword is very interesting and has very different graphics from any other game you have ever seen. In it, you control a little warrior with older Atari-style game graphics you can imagine while fighting enemies on deep 2D maps and a dark environment.

The only way to understand how fun it is to play Bleak Sword is by downloading the game for testing. So if you already subscribe to Apple Arcade, go to the link and enjoy.

4. Shinsekai Into Depths

Developed by giant Capcom, Shinsekai Into Depths is an excellent exploration game. In it, you enjoy beautiful visuals while exploring the underwater universe in your mechanical scuba suit.

We should also talk about the extreme quality of the game's audio, which helps to further enhance the experience. Really worth checking out, go to the link to download it.

Shinsekai Into Depths Apple Arcade Games

5. Assemble with Care

With a really interesting story that makes you think, Assemble with Care is a game that deserves to be on our list. It is actually a puzzle game, but it has several meanings behind every object you need to build from the residents of Bellariva, the city in which the game takes place.

The graphics are very well made and mild and the 80's inspired soundtrack makes all the difference. Go to the Assemble with Care page and see how fun and even relaxing to play.

6. Patterned

Still in the rhythm of the puzzle, Patterned is a game that uses colors so that you can reassemble images. Each puzzle starts with a drawing and you should use visuals to try to put the pieces in place.

With each piece you insert on the board, see how the colors appear harmoniously, which makes the game even relaxing. Patterned is made for every kind of audience and really catches the eye, access and check it out.

7. Grindstone

Grindstone is a puzzle battle game developed by the same renowned title makers as: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Critter Crunch and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.

Coming from a really experienced team, you can have a great time while battling levels and even fighting bosses. Remember, not a game of action, but a puzzle, which makes everything even more interesting. Check out Grindstone directly on the page.

Apple Arcade Grindstone Apple Arcade Games

8. Sneaky Sasquatch

With a slightly more child-friendly alternative, but also a lot of fun for essentially anyone, Sneaky Sasquatch deserves to be on our list of the best Apple Arcade games.

In it, you incorporate a little Sasquatch who must sneak into camps, disguise himself as a human while stealing his food, searching for hidden treasures, fishing and even enjoying a bit of golf without being caught. The game is extremely fun and features equally charming graphics, access and check it out.

9. Spaceland

Spaceland is a game of strategy and futuristic battles, with robots, lasers and everything you expect from this kind of environment. It's inspired by the best tactical games with turn-based battles and each fight lasts on average 10-15 minutes – making Spaceland a great choice for either simply killing time or having fun for hours.

The isometric view and polished graphics greatly help to shape the game's great ambience as you command a squad of seven warriors with different fighting skills and styles. Check out by accessing the link and have fun.

10. What the Golf?

As described by the game developer, What The Golf? A golf game for those who hate golf. It's really just a fun game that takes advantage of the physics to make every golf course have its own special elements – some extremely funny.

But nothing really makes it sound like you're playing real golf. As the developers themselves claim, it was made by people who understand nothing about sport and the result is hilarious. Log in and enjoy playing What the Golf!

What the Golf Apple Arcade Games

11. Pilgrims

The Pilgrims game really well done and extremely fun. In this adventure, the player can choose from several types of options to deal with different situations.

With this, the game offers several possibilities and really fun encounters. There are 45 special achievements for you to try to unleash while playing again and have fun experimenting with all the possibilities to deal with each situation. Check it out through the link.

12. Card of Darkness

Card of Darkness is a card game that involves magic, puzzles, fanciful monsters and more. It is also very well made and quite fun, being suitable for people of any age.

In it, your cards contain treasures, monsters, weapons and the rule set for each simple and intuitive game – so you don't have to worry about not knowing how to play it, as the game itself will help. Unlike the name implies, it is very cheerful and has fun graphics, access and check.

13. Overland

In Overland you must take care of a group of travelers in a post-apocalyptic-themed universe as you travel along the United States. It's actually a turn-based survival game where you have to watch out for every action so you don't get caught by the bizarre creatures.

The game has several elements that influence its chances of being detected, which brings a certain air of suspense, especially considering its excellent soundtrack that helps reinforce the atmosphere. For everyone who subscribes to Apple Arcade, Overland a great choice, visit the link.

Apple Arcade Overland

14. ChuChu Rocket! Universe

ChuChu Rocket! It's a classic SEGA game that has been transformed and updated to be even more beautiful and fun than it once was. In it you'll find over 100 puzzles of varying difficulty as you travel through different worlds and galaxies.

The gameplay constantly changes between each map, which makes the game not boring in no time. With lots of colors and the ability to play online with other people, ChuChu Rocket! Universe could not be left off the list, check out the page.

15. Where Cards Fall

To finish our list, we have Where Cards Fall, a puzzle game that uses 3D space elements to engage players. In it, you'll essentially stack card towers to bring back remarkable memories at over 50 different levels.

For those who want to exercise their mind and have fun during the process, Where Cards Fall is an excellent choice. Check it directly on the page to play it.

Did you like Apple Arcade games?

So what did you think of the games on our list for Apple's service? Did you already know or play any of the titles mentioned? Tell us in the comments which is your favorite and be sure to also check the 20 best controls to play on mobile.