Apple approves app that brings almost identical function to iOS 9.3 Night Shift mode [atualizado 2x: removido]

Apple approves app that brings almost identical function to iOS 9.3 Night Shift mode [atualizado 2x: removido]

As you have followed in our coverage of the beta versions of iOS 9.3, the big news of the update will be the mode Night Shift which works just like f.lux on OS X, adjusting the “temperature” of the screen colors iGadgets at night in order to alleviate insomnia symptoms and the like.

F.lux itself tried to enter the App Store a few years ago, without success. It seems that now, with Night Shift coming, Apple decided to make things more flexible.

Sorry, app not found.

THE FlexBright, an Intelligent Apps application that has been on the App Store since January, was updated the day before yesterday to its version 2.0 and now has a “Blue Light Filter” ("Blue Light Filter") feature that does basically the same as the Night Shift iOS 9.3.

The yellow tone adjustment on the screen is slightly different from Apple's (a little more accentuated), but the proposal is the same. And, once the "temperature" is adjusted by FlexBright, it remains configured throughout the operating system including third-party apps.

The great disadvantage of FlexBright, aside from its horrible interface, is that it doesn’t work fully automatically like the Night Shift. The user must configure notifications and, through them, activate the feature through the app interface. On the other hand, it is already available today for those who are not testing the beta of iOS 9.3 and is compatible with iOS 7.0 or higher, that is, it takes such functionality even for iPads and iPhones / iPods touch that will not be compatible with the Night Shift (it requires modern devices, with 64-bit processors).

FlexBright is paid for on the App Store, but at least it offers some other types of settings besides the “temperature” itself including a “Dark Mode” ("Dark Mode") that leaves iGadgets all monochromatic. Worth checking out.

(via MacRumors)

Update · 03/08/2016 s 14:44

And by the way Apple approved the app by mistake O FlexBright is no longer available on the App Store. 😕

Update II · 03/09/2016 s 17:58

To MacRumors, the developer of FlexBright stated that Apple does not really want applications that change the “temperature” (colors) of the screen in its store and that his approval after some rejections was a mistake.

FlexBright screenshot

In addition, Sam Al-Jamal was caught by Apple using custom classes based on private APIs and also misusing silent audio to keep the app running in the background at all times (which can increase battery consumption, say ).

Apple stated that, with these adjustments, FlexBright could return App Store. The problem that users who bought it through the “Blue Light Filter” would lose the feature. In this way, Al-Jamal is declaring the end of FlexBright. Whoever installed it installed it.