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Apple approves app that allows recording of iGadgets screen [atualizado: foi-se!]

When I saw the MacStories hinting at this app last night, I thought it would be a matter of minutes / hours before Apple took it down. As it hasn't happened so far (as in 2012), and it was actually released on 5/1, * who knows * Apple has actually relaxed and allowed something like that.

Briefly, the Vidyo! appears to be the first app to allow recording of the iGadgets directly through iOS.

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As most of you may already know because we gave this tip last year, it is possible to record the screen of iPads and iPhones / iPods touch connected to Macs by QuickTime Player. But doing this directly on iOS does not happen, as in theory private APIs are required and Apple does not approve of this type of thing in your store. In fact, Vidyo! it works through a “gambiarra” that exploits the mirroring feature via AirPlay by connecting to itself.

And the application works very, very well. It not only records the screen itself (even in Full HD 1080p, at 60 frames per second), but also captures the audio emitted by the device and may include speech captured by the microphone. After recording, it is still possible to make basic edits such as cutting and merging multiple videos, as well as adding a soundtrack.

Will it really last? 😀

Update · 01/07/2015 s 15:45

No, it didn't last Apple already removed Vidyo! from the App Store. 😏