Apple approves anti-spam app in India after being threatened with ban in India

About a year ago, we talked about a stalemate that Apple had caused in India: The company had initially declined to collaborate on the creation of an anti-spam iPhone app in partnership with the country's government on the grounds that the tool would be detrimental to users' privacy by collecting information from their call logs. and messages and share them with the government.

Just after a negotiation, Ma went back and agreed to collaborate on the creation of a “limited functionality” app that would use the standard iOS 11 APIs to get some data.

From then on, a lot of water flowed and a lot of things changed in the scenario: apparently, the Indian government eventually developed the app without Apple's collaboration. Apple then rejected its App Store publication, under the same allegation of related issues. privacy of users. What better strategy to reverse this situation, then, than a light and casual threat of banishment from the second most populous country in the world?

The threat came last July when TRAI (the "Indian Anatel", as it were) stated that if Ma did not approve the anti-spam application developed by the agency, it could block the activation of new iPhones in the country's carriers. Now, as reported by the VentureBeat, it seems that the situation is already resolved: the TRAI DND Do Not Disturb app is now available on the local App Store.

cone - TRAI DND Do Not Disturb

It is not known exactly if anything has changed in the way the app works in the meantime; maybe the Indian authorities have rebuilt some aspect of data capture to comply with iOS APIs, or perhaps Apple was simply not about to piss off the government of one of its most potential markets especially in an uncertain period like the current.

The fact that the anti-spam initiative is providential for Indians: Studies indicate that the majority of the population aged 18 and over receive approximately ten (!) Unwanted calls or text messages every day. The TRAI app assists Indians by creating a list of unwanted reports and numbers, which are in turn blocked by local operators themselves.

Would it be nice to see something similar here, really?

via 9to5Mac