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Apple Approaches $ 1.2 Trillion in Market Value [atualizado 2x: bateu!]

Keeping the positive sea of ​​recent weeks, Apple shares closed the day today up 0.79% now quoted at $ 262.20, a historic record for $ AAPL.

The high during Monday's price of $ 262.46 had never been reached before either.

As a result, the company's market value jumped to $ 1,185 rail. It only has to go up 1.3% more to reach $ 1.2 rail remembering, of course, that in this case, "2" is $ 200 billion. 😛

Closing the Top 4behind Apple we now have Microsoft ($ 1,115 rail), Alphabet ($ 895.2 billion) and Amazon ($ 878.4 billion).

The race is cool!

image: Hadrian / Shutterstock

Update by Eduardo Marques 11/13/2019 19:20

Apple shares rose today 0.96%closing the day $ 264.47, a new record during the nail, they were worth $ 264.78 (also a historical maximum).

With that, the market cap of the company jumped to $ 1,195 rail $ 71 billion more than Microsoft.

Update II 11/15/2019 19:42

And after a slight drop yesterday, $ AAPL rose 1.19% today and closed the week at $ 265.76 new record, just a penny below the NASDAQ nail peak.

With that, her market value officially hit another symbolic brand: only now $ 1.201 rail (one track, two hundred and one billion dollars).

Behind Apple in market capswe have Microsoft ($ 1.146 rail), Alphabet ($ 929.4 billion) and Amazon ($ 863.2 billion).