Apple appears in 10th place in the “Happiest Technology Companies of 2017” list

Something we always see in painting are rankings that demonstrate employee satisfaction with where they work.

This time, the CareerBliss website listed the “Happiest Technology Companies of 2017”, in which Apple guaranteed the 10 place.

Several employees voluntarily evaluated some aspects of their companies, such as: relationship with the leadership (managers and CEO of the company), growth opportunities, satisfaction with the role performed, culture, compensation and the work environment as a whole.

Everything was evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 and, at the end, added up to arrive at the result that appears in the table below.

Happiest companies

Apple achieved the tenth position for obtaining a score of 3,450, with an average salary of $ 31,952.

She was right after Qualcomm, which got just 7 more points, but it appears with an average salary of US $ 47 thousand more than Ma.

Google was in eighth place, with 3,467 points and average salary of US $ 55,632.

Jumping to first place we find Adobe, with 3,561 points and US $ 84,404 in relation to the salary.

No perfect company, of course, but it is always good to keep an eye on these types of rankings to assess whether the company is really doing something to make the experience of its employees as pleasant as possible.

If, five years ago, Apple was in 42 place on this same list, surely it has been striving in this direction.

(via Apple World Today)