USB-C port of new MacBooks

Apple announces yet another recall, now for MacBook USB-C charger cables

Shortly after announcing a recall of plug adapters (Brazil is in), Apple launched yet another replacement program (as it likes to call its recalls). Now to MacBook USB-C charger cables.

According to the company, a limited number of USB-C charger cables shipped with MacBook computers until June 2015 may fail due to a design problem. As a result, when connected to a power adapter with an affected cable, it is possible that the MacBook will not charge or charge only intermittently.

USB-C port of new MacBooks

Apple will provide a new, redesigned USB-C charger cable free of charge to all customers who fall under the recall – both for cables purchased from MacBooks and for purchased independently.

If you entered a valid mailing address during the product registration process or when purchasing from the Apple Online Store, Apple will ship a new cable by the end of February 2016 to the location. All other qualified MacBook owners should look for an Apple Retail Store (preferably with a scheduled appointment at the Genius Bar) or an Apple Authorized Service Center.

How to identify an affected cable

Affected cables are labeled “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China. ” stamped. The new redesigned cables come with a serial number after this text, as shown in the image below:

Apple USB-C cable recall

If you happen to have purchased a new cable because of this problem, contact Apple for a refund. It is worth noting that the recall * no * extends the standard MacBook warranty coverage. Still, the replacement program offers coverage for affected USB-C cables until June 8, 2018.