Apple announces that three more of its suppliers will start operating entirely with renewable energy

From time to time, Apple announces some new achievement in the environmental field, so that we will never forget the company's increasingly admirable efforts in this field. Today was no different: in an interview for Bloomberg Technology, the vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives at Apple Lisa Jackson stated that three more of Ma's suppliers have committed to operating entirely on renewable energy in the near future.

THE Compal Electronics, a Sunwoda Electronic and the Biel Crystal Manufactory it is Apple's three partners who have pledged themselves to follow the Cupertino giant's sustainability goals. With that, says Jackson, the number of Ma suppliers operating entirely on clean energy reaches seven; in addition, the use of renewable energy at Apple and throughout its partner chain around the world reached 96% in 2015, this number was 93%, and the commitment to reach 100% in the near future.

The executive also made a point of highlighting that, when talking about clean energy at Apple, it goes far beyond its immediate and own operations, as is well known, Apple Park will run entirely on solar energy and still sell surplus to the city of Cupertino.

We look at our carbon emissions far beyond our offices, our data centers, our stores, even our distribution centers. All of that is included in that 96%, and now we are also focusing on our supply chain.

Considering only its operations in the United States, Apple has been running 100% on renewable energy for some time, a milestone that was quite celebrated by the company and in line with the energy plans for companies under the administration of Barack Obama. Although the Trump administration has removed several of the environmental liability requirements applied to local companies, Apple will continue to pursue its goals of maximum respect for the environment, as stated by Bloomberg.

Well, keep it up.

[via MacRumors]