Apple Announces Recall for Some Plug Adapters

Apple Announces Recall for Some Plug Adapters

Apple today announced a recall for the AC plug adaptersmainly for models used in Hong Kong, at the UK is at Singapore. In a press release, the company explained that in very rare cases such three-prong wall / socket adapters can break and create a risk of electric shock when touched.

These wall plug adapters were shipped with Macs and some iOS devices between 2003 and 2010, as well as being part of the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit (not available from the Brazilian Apple Online Store). According to the company, she is aware of six incidents worldwide with such accessories.

The recall does not affect any Apple USB power adapter, meaning we are just talking about that detachable part that fits into the power adapter itself.

Apple is asking customers to stop using the affected adapters immediately. If you have one of these adapters, you can visit this page to get all the details of the exchange. In a nutshell, the affected adapters are those that * don't * have inscriptions inside the new adapters, in addition to the inscriptions, have gray details inside.

Check it out below:

Apple Three-Pin Adapter RecallOld adapter, part of the recall
Apple Three-Pin Adapter RecallNew adapter with inscriptions and details in gray inside

If you have an adapter that is part of the recall, you can look for an Apple Authorized Service Center, official store, or contact the site. You may need to check your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch serial number if the adapter came with one of these products.