Apple announces recall for a few problem 7 foreign iPhones "out of service"

A very peculiar problem has been found in some drives. iPhones 7 and therefore Apple today announced that it is starting a repair program for the affected handsets.

This issue arose 1 in September 2016, causing devices to display the message “No Service” (No Service) even with available cellular coverage.

IPhones 7 Repair Program

According to Apple, the problem caused by a failed logic board component that only affects models A1660, A1780 and A1779, sold in China, in the United States (including Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands models sold by operators Sprint and Verizon) in Hong Kong, Japan and Macao; The devices in question were manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018.

The support article states that "Apple may restrict or limit the repair to only the regions where the devices were purchased." Still, if you live in Brazil or any other country not mentioned above and you happen to have purchased one of these troublesome gadgets, it will not hurt to go to one of Apple's (or Apple Authorized Service Center) stores and see if they can help. .

Apple also said that it contacted email customers who may have paid a repair related to this issue to arrange for a refund. If you accidentally paid for a repair related to this issue and did not receive an email from Apple by the end of March 2018, please contact the company.