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Apple Announces Partnerships to Promote Critical Thinking in the News World

Apparently, it is less than a week before we know all the details of the ?Netflix of magazines? Apple and know what her vision is for her head into the publishing market. Prior to that, however, Ma's machinations behind the cameras are already quite evident.

The company today announced a series of partnerships with dedicated organizations called Media literacy It is a concept literally translated as ?media literacy? and aims to educate young people to receive and interpret news and digital content in an era where the excessive use of such information can be extremely harmful.

Initially, Ma is partnering with three organizations: News Literacy Project (NLP) and the Common sense, in the United States, and Permanent Observatory Giovani-Editoriin Italy. All three will be supported by Apple to ?advance their efforts to empower young people with the critical thinking skills needed for the new digital age,? in the company's own words.

Speaking of the subject, CEO Tim Cook said that ?critical news is vital to sustaining a free press and a prosperous democracy,? adding that he admires the work of Apple's partner organizations and is proud to work with them. Apple News editor-in-chief Lauren Kern said the platform remains "committed to bringing quality journalism from trusted sources" and partnering with NGOs will strengthen this mission on an increasingly complicated horizon.

Common Sense CEO James P. Steyer also shared a few words about the initiative:

The younger generation's lack of critical judgment about the news is a growing problem for our country. Cases about the manipulation of the media and the resulting impact on society have highlighted the importance and size of the problem. We need to help our students not only to look for reliable sources, but also to think critically about the world of media and ideas. Apple shares our mission to create a generation of children and young people who will thrive as digital age learners, leaders and citizens, and Common Sense is excited to be part of this important initiative.

No practical details about the partnership were shared, but organizations should receive financial, logistical, and expert support from Apple; In contrast, NGOs should contribute to a healthier and healthier environment in Ma's future news service.

Cool, isn't it?