Hillary Yip, young developer and 14-year-old CEO

Apple announces partnership with Girls Who Code to celebrate International Women’s Day

They thought that Apple would limit itself to a special challenge on the Apple Watch to celebrate the International Women’s Day, to be celebrated next 8? They found it wrong. The company today announced several initiatives to set the date and strengthen the representation and inclusion of women in the technology market, in the world of programming and much more.

The first initiative is a partnership with the NGO Girls Who Code, which takes the teaching of programming languages ​​to young women to enhance their presence in the technological world. Apple will use its Everyone Can Program curriculum to help more than 90,000 young people across the United States, offering professional and financial support with a focus on the Swift language.

Apple’s vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, shared a few words about the partnership:

We women have the opportunity to have our ideas shaping the future. We are excited to support Girls Who Code so that they empower women to be the developers and innovators of the technology of the future.

And don’t stop there: throughout March, several Apple stores around the world will receive special sessions “Made by Women” from the program Today at Apple. In them, women from all fields – artists, musicians, photographers, developers, scientists and businesswomen – will offer their knowledge and experiences in sessions dealing with different topics.

Hillary Yip, young developer and 14-year-old CEO

One of the sessions (at Apple Causeway Bay in Hong Kong) will be administered by Hillary Yip (above), a young programmer and businesswoman who, at the age of 14 (!), is already the CEO of a company and creator of the MinorMynas app; she will talk about ideas for creating the next social platform and share her experiences as a preteen in the world of technology.

There’s more: throughout the month, the American App Store will highlight, each day, a different app created or led by one or more women. On Fridays, the store’s “Today” tab will bring remarkable stories from female developers – starting with Lisy Kane, game producer and co-founder of startup Girl Geek Academy. On March 8, games starring the heroine Captain Marvel (whose film opens on the same day) will be featured in the store.

App Store highlighting women's apps in International Women's Month

Apple Music, in turn, will bring playlists specials with notable women from the world of music, while Beats 1 radio will have, on International Women’s Day, a 24-hour program entirely run by women and designed to highlight inspiring women. We also have the special challenge for Apple Watch, previously mentioned.

Nice, isn’t it? ??

via AppleInsider