Apple cancels flagship plans in Melbourne and store in Tel Aviv

Apple announces new “global flagship” store in Melbourne, Australia, for 2020; will be at Federation Square

Apple today has about 500 stores around the world, but only a few of them are considered “flagships global ”, that is, they are big street stores, located in iconic locations and always with fantastic designs.

Because the company has just announced that it will open, in 2020, one more of these and be “here” in the southern hemisphere, only on the other side of the world. 😉 Stay in Federation Squarein the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Like Federation Square todayAerial image of how Federation Square today, with the surrender from the store in place

The store itself occupies less space in the square than the current buildings located there, as Apple intends to offer the public about 500 square meters of free area. The expectation that, when everything is ready, the store will attract 2 million additional visitors per year Federation Square.

The construction of this new Apple Store is only expected to begin in mid-2019, with completion scheduled for the following year. Ma currently has 22 stores in the country.

via AppleInsider