Apple Announces iPhones 6 Plus Rear Camera Replacement Program (iSight) [atualizado]

Apple Announces iPhones 6 Plus Rear Camera Replacement Program (iSight) [atualizado]

Apple today announced a replacement program for the rear camera (known as iSight) of iPhones 6 Plus.

Apple found that, in a small percentage of iPhones 6 Plus devices, the iSight camera has a component that can fail resulting in blurry-looking photos. The affected units are in a limited range of serial numbers and were sold mainly between September 2014 and January 2015.

If you've noticed that your photos look like this and your device's serial number is among those affected, Apple exchange the entire device for free. To see if your iPhone 6 Plus is part of the replacement program, visit this page.

The device can be exchanged at Apple Stores (with time scheduling at Genius Bar) or at Apple Authorized Service Centers.

It is worth noting that if your iPhone 6 Plus is damaged (for example, with a broken / cracked screen), this problem must be solved before changing the device. As always, unit replacement is tied to the support offered in each country. In the case of Brazil, only devices purchased here, in the United States, Canada and in several countries in Latin America (model A1522) will be accepted.

The replacement program does not extend the warranty of the device. When replacing the damaged iPhone 6 Plus, the warranty for the new device is valid for 90 days or until the end of the one-year period of purchase of the original device. Finally, Apple will offer this replacement program until mid-September 2017 (three years after the model's sales began).

(tip from Marcus Paulo, via MacRumors)

Update · 08/22/2015 s 13:54

Apple today changed the support article, making it clear that the device camera will be replaced and on the entire iPhone, as I reported earlier. THE MacMagazine checked this information with authorized technical assistance sources, which confirmed that in GSX (Global Service Exchange) the orientation is exactly that (only the camera of the device must be changed).

Blurry photo taken with iPhone 6 Plus

For those in doubt whether the camera is in trouble or not, see an example above taken from a topic on the subject in Apple's discussion forum.