Apple announces changes to the App Store, including removing outdated apps

The zeal with which Apple treats App Store it's really admirable. Of course, many improvements need to be made, but Ma's app store is the place where we always find the apps we want and we can install them without fear for our safety. There are those who complain about all the bureaucracy to add new applications; others who choose to deviate tortuous paths in order to install apps which are not there. In any case, Apple continues to prioritize the user experience and today announced to the developers that it applies measures to make a real "clean" in the store.

As of September 7, the day of the company's special event, all developers need to keep an eye on their applications, as problems, outdated and / or that fall outside the current terms will be summarily removed from the store. Before that happens, of course, Apple will notify the person responsible for the app so that the necessary changes can be made within 30 days.

The good news for users is that if an application you have installed is removed, you can continue using it without a problem.

Ma also announced that limiting app names to 50 characters. The reason for this is that most users use the search bar to find an app; so many "smart guys" named their apps with big phrases, including keywords that didn't even have to do with the app. Aware of this, Apple suggests that all developers consult these tips to find out exactly how the company imagines the perfect advertising page for an app inside the store.

The number of apps on the App Store is insane and at all events they make a point of reminding us of that. This number can decrease a lot with these measures, but it will be for the good: apps that no longer have support and / or are abandoned will be eliminated; those who persist, will be much better in both support and presentation. And whoever wins is always us, users.

As the saying goes: “Only the strong will survive!” 😜