Apple Announces Changes in iCloud Storage Space Prices [atualizado]

Apple Announces Changes in iCloud Storage Space Prices [atualizado]

Apple today announced changes in the prices of its storage plans in the iCloud. From now on we have three tracks, aiming to align the offers of competitors like Google and Dropbox.

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For $ 1 / ms, users have access to 50GB of capacity versus 20GB previously offered. The 200GB plan is still available, but now it costs $ 3 / ms previously it was $ 4 / ms. The 500GB plan, however, will no longer be offered; your users will migrate to the 1TB range that is now 50% more affordable, $ 10 / month.

Part of the news released today by the company (specifically Live Photos and 4K footage on the new iPhones) will require a lot of space over devices over time. With more affordable options for plans for iCloud, she should expect more people to have the convenience of storing their content on their online services, which for the time being is unlikely to change.

It is worth noting that both the iCloud page and related support articles have not yet been updated to reflect the new values.

Update, by Rafael Fischmann · 09/15/2015 s 17:38

Apple today updated a support article on iCloud prices (currently unavailable in Portuguese) indicating that the new plans are due to start operating tomorrow after the launch of iOS 9.

Users who purchased a monthly plan before September 16, will have their accounts updated automatically; the annual plans have not been changed and will no longer be offered to users (however, anyone who is in one of them can continue to do so).

The article also brings the new prices to several countries, but as in Brazil Apple charges everything in dollars, we will pay the same as in the United States.

(via MacRumors)