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Apple and Spotify are talking to integrate service with Siri

Apple and Spotify They've been having a strange time. While the giant of streaming complaining about unequal and restrictive rules on the App Store, Ma hits her feet and says the accusations don't make sense and Spotify keeps complaining. Therefore, it is expected that such a dispute will harm any kind of conversation between the companies. But, apparently, they decided to give a break.

According to The information, companies are talking so that users can play music, playlists and albums on Spotify using the Crab (ie by voice commands).

This, of course, will only be possible thanks to changes implemented by Apple in SiriKit, which I will arrive at the iOS 13. Such a change will allow third party applications to have this kind of integration with the virtual assistant. That way you can say something like, "Hey, Siri, play Elton John on Spotify" so that the artist's songs start playing on Apple's competing service so far, that kind of command only works for Apple Music.

It is worth noting that Apple's service should remain the system standard. So if you tell Siri to play some specific music without mentioning Spotify, the assistant will try to start playback on Apple Music.

This type of integration, it should be remembered, already exists for various categories of apps, such as messengers, transport apps, exercises, payments, VoIP, among others.

Spotify even made some changes to the created site it created to explain its claims against Ma, removing a part that said it was not possible to make Siri requests to reproduce on Spotify the other complaints obviously continue.

Favorite device

In a related note, Spotify is testing a new feature that can identify nearby devices in order to make it easier for users to switch playback from one to another, as reported. Thurrot.

Favorite device on Spotify

Here's how it works: First Spotify asks if you want to favorite any device in Spotify Connect; After a favorite device is set, Spotify will ask if you want to start playing on it whenever you are around.

If you have a favorite home speaker, for example, every time you get home and are playing something on your iPhone, Spotify detects your favorite device and then sends you a notification asking if you want to play it back. such a speaker.

Undoubtedly, a feature that will be most welcome!

Spotify for Podcasters

Here, another warning related to the service of streaming: the company announced on its official blog that the Spotify for Podcasters, your discovery and analysis panel for the podcasting community, is coming out of beta.

Spotify for Podcasters can help content creators engage and understand their listeners, find new fans, find out insights and more.

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