Apple's own modems for iPhones could be ready in 2021

Apple and Samsung work together to kill cellphone chips

The iPhone, as everyone knows, never had a removable battery. One of the justifications for Apple to follow this path was to use the space that would be occupied by moving parts and the place where the battery fits with other components, such as its own battery.

But there is another little piece present in every iPhone that until now Apple has not been able to abandon, just reduce: the operator chip (SIM Card). This idea has been around since at least 2010, but has not yet been discarded. On the contrary, it may be that now it finally moves forward.

Mobile chipYou have your days numbered | Image:

THE Financial Times reported yesterday that Apple and Samsung are working together to kill conventional cell phone chips. In partnership with the GSM Association, they want to introduce a new “e-SIM” standard (embedded SIM), that is, a chip that is embedded in the smartphone and cannot be accessed / exchanged by the user.

The similar proposal by the Apple SIM, which apparently did not work.

Apple and Samsung want to facilitate the process of users switching operators without having to worry about the little piece of plastic itself. something bold, which takes a lot of control from the hands of telecoms, but with the support of the GSMA it is possible that they will be able to carry out the project.

If all goes well, the adoption of the new standard should start in 2016. However, it certainly will take a long time before it becomes something globalized to the point that Apple can remove the tray from the side of iPhones once and for all.

(via TNW)