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Apple and Philips top most in Greenpeace's latest electronics ranking

Today, the new quarterly ranking of Greenpeace electronics (Guide to Greener Electronics), with many changes from the last issue. Apple was one of those that climbed the list a lot, winning four positions and now reaching 10th place.

All of Ma's main products, with the exception of its outside cables, are now free of PVC plastics and brominated flame retardants (BFRs), although the organization criticizes the company for using “absurdly high” limits on counting products as free of chemicals. The Cupertino firm also earned points for its campaigns that highlight the advances for a line of "greener" Macs.

Even better than Apple was Philips, which rose from 15 to fourth place, based on several policy changes in recycling and product returns. Nokia continues to lead the ranking, with an excellent product return policy and the announcement that it would cut carbon dioxide emissions by 18% by 2010, based on 2006 data.

On this occasion, Greenpeace detonated the practices of HP, Lenovo and Dell, accusing them of failing to keep promises to eliminate chemicals from their products by the end of 2009. Lenovo postponed the target for 2010, while HP and Dell were supposed to have given up on setting a deadline. Acer did the same, but remained in the same place in the ranking because it said it would hit the goal anyway.

(Via: Macworld UK.)