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Apple and Microsoft Help Create New Braille Terminal Standard

It is very interesting to see the rivalry of companies falling apart when they come together to create something that benefits many, especially when it comes to people with special needs.

And that's exactly what Apple, a Microsoft and other technology companies have done by collaborating on creating the most new standard for braille terminals (braille displays).

HumanWare iOS Braille Terminal

The non-profit organization USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) today announced the new standard USB HID (Human Interface Device) for braille terminals.

Apple already supports several braille terminals on its mobile devices, enabling the reading and digital writing of blind or low vision users. However, the new standard will facilitate the operation of this type of device on any type of hardware or operating system.

Sarah Herrlinger, Apple's director of global accessibility policies and initiatives, spoke about Ma's participation in the project:

The technology should be accessible to everyone and Apple designs all products with that in mind. We are proud to promote this new USB-IF standard because we believe in enhancing the experience of all people who rely on braille terminals to use their Apple products or any other device.

Microsoft Windows accessibility program chief Jeff Petty also spoke about the project, saying the company “sees the opportunity that technology breakthroughs can create for people with disabilities” and “has a responsibility to develop new ways to empower all to get more. ” He believes that with the implementation of this new standard, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities will improve.

There is definitely no better use of technology than applying it to accessibility in order to provide equal opportunities for people who would not normally have.

Nice work, really. 👏🏽

via Engadget