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Apple and LG Monitors Support True Tone When Connected to New MacBook Pro

The new ones MacBooks Pro arrived yesterday with some very interesting news and, among the new processors and the "renewed" butterfly keyboard, a draw to the attention of the most concerned with visual acuity: the technology support True tone, which adjusts the color temperature and brightness of the screen to compensate for ambient lighting, bringing more realistic and sharp images.

The feature came from the iPad Pro and then extended to the 8/8 Plus / X iPhones, now reaching Ma's professional (?) Portable computers. But no one knew yet that True Tone support is not limited to the panel itself. MacBook Pro: Some external monitors, when connected machine, also gain the skills of the artificer.

This support document from Apple brings the good news: both the monitors developed by LG in partnership with Ma, the UltraFine 5K it's the UltraFine 4Kas the Apple Thunderbolt Display (the latter designed and manufactured solely by Cupertino) gain True Tone technology support when connected to one of the new MacBooks Pro. Note that for Thunderbolt Display, it must be connected via the Apple Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) adapter. for Thunderbolt 2.

As noted by 9to5MacApple's documentation does not mention at any time whether the Mac must be open for True Tone technology to work on external displays; Of course, however, this is the case since the sensors that allow the feature to function are located inside the computer. So until the second order (and for that Ma will have to get a rabbit out of her hat), no True Tone in clamshell“.

Anyway excellent news in it?