Apple and IBM announce their first applications focused on the business market

Apple and IBM announce their first applications focused on the business market

In a press release, Apple and IBM today announced that the first IBM MobileFirst solutions for iOS as a result of the partnership between the two reached the market. The solutions are already available to corporate customers in banks, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, retail, in addition to governments and airlines.

Partnership between Apple and IBM

This is a big step for the iPhone and iPad in companies, and we look forward to seeing the new ways that organizations will work with iOS devices. Businesses around the world have migrated to mobile devices, and Apple and IBM are bringing together the best technology in the world with the information and the power of smarter analysis to help companies redefine how the job is done.

Philip Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple.

The companies listed the first 10 applications focused on business as a result of the partnership that are available to corporate clients of companies:

  • Plan Flight: for airline pilots.
  • Passenger +: offers airline companies personalization of services for passengers.
  • Advise & Grow: for banks to make deeper analysis of customer needs.
  • Trusted Advice: another analysis tool for the financial market.
  • Retention: focused on the insurance market.
  • Case Advice: addresses the issue of workload and support for social workers who are making critical decisions.
  • Incident Aware: analysis tool for governments to prevent crimes.
  • Sales Assist: a sales assistant for the retail market.
  • Pick & Pack: inventory system combined with proximity-based technology.
  • Expert Tech: use of native iOS services, such as FaceTime, for business calls.

We'll see what else comes next.