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Apple announced on Friday that it has suspended the global program that analyzes user recordings by interacting with Siri's virtual assistant through the iPhone (iOS) or other devices. The decision came after the British newspaper The guardian Disclose last week that outsourced employees listened to private conversations from users without their consent to control the quality of the service. Google has made a similar announcement, but the measure is valid only in the European Union.

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Apple suspends monitoring of user interactions with Siri Photo: Reproduction / Marvin CostaApple suspends monitoring of user interactions with Siri Photo: Reproduction / Marvin Costa

Apple suspends monitoring of user interactions with Siri Photo: Reproduction / Marvin Costa

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To the site TechCrunch, Apple said it plans to revise the grading (evaluation) is a process you use to determine if Siri has been correctly capturing queries or is being activated by mistake.

While we are conducting a full review, we will suspend Siri's evaluation globally. In addition, as part of a future software upgrade, users may choose to participate in the program, "the company said in a statement. The purpose of the measure is to combine the delivery of a good experience with Siri to protect user privacy.

Last Friday (26), a report from the The guardian Apple said third parties hired by Apple often listened to conversations between doctors and patients, negotiations, drug purchases, and sex. In response, the company stated that less than 1% of daily queries are analyzed to improve Siri and dictation function. Still according to Apple, it is not possible to identify users through the recordings.

Google suspends tapping of his assistant

Recording a few seconds of audio and sending it to internal or outsourced teams for evaluation and improvement is a common practice in this industry. According to TechCrunch, order-order recordings Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant, and Google Assistant are also rated by humans.

The search giant has admitted that it listens and transcribes user conversations with its voice assistant to enhance the technology. According to the company, however, the evaluation system has been suspended since July 10 in the European Union. The measure should extend for three months.

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