Apple and Cisco announce partnership to further improve the use of iGadgets in corporate environments

Apple and Cisco today announced a partnership to help further integrate iOS with enterprise network solutions.

Both Cisco networks and Apple devices (iPads and iPhones, in particular) will be optimized to "talk" more efficiently and provide the reliability that corporate users need in their work environments. iGadgets they will also be enhanced to make them even better in Cisco voice and video environments.

Working with Apple, Cisco intends to offer experiences optimized for iOS on mobile and in the cloud using tools such as Spark, Telepresence and WebEx.

In a statement to the press, Apple CEO Tim Cook recalled that almost all companies in the rankings Fortune 500 and Global 500 they already have iOS devices at the center of their mobile strategies. At the same time, John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, said that 95% of companies Fortune 500 rely on Cisco solutions / networks.

This is the second major corporate deal that Apple recently signed. The first was with IBM, and already we are seeing various fruits thereof.