Apple would be working on a chip dedicated to artificial intelligence for future iGadgets

Apple also sees Siri as a kind of psychologist, as evidenced by the job posting posted on its website.

Do you talk to Crab? Talk to her about her day, ask her questions about her life, ask her for help in making important decisions, discuss existential issues with her? Well you are not alone. And Apple itself is well aware of that.

A vacancy posted on Ma's jobs page indicates that the company may be interested in expanding this side of Siri: in addition to being a digital assistant that helps you objectively, with practical solutions for a number of requirements, she can also be a “companion” ”Who, increasingly, understand more subjective speeches and can respond in time.

As the company itself states:

People have serious conversations with Siri. They talk to Siri about all sorts of things, including when they have a stressful day at work or something that bothers them. They turn to Siri in emergencies or when they want advice on living a healthier life. Does improving Siri in these areas pique your interest? Come work as part of the Siri Domains team and make a difference.

The vacancy indicates that Apple is looking for a software engineering professional who has some experience or previous knowledge in the field of Psychology, precisely to enhance Siri's more human and "friend" face. There is the most common of the specialty combinations ie if you speak English fluently and have good knowledge and references in both, you can apply and start thinking about packing for Cupertino.

With this, we hope that Siri can really evolve not only towards the objectivity side, which has been (understandably) Apple's focus in recent times, but also for this more human aspect. Obviously, not even the most advanced of digital assistants will replace a conversation with another human being or, even more, the accompaniment of a professional in the area of ​​Psychology, but Siri and her cousins, as they advance in their intelligence, can undeniably give users a little help in some ways.

And look, we recently covered here the inspiration that the Siri team had in the film “Ela” ("Her"), that is, in the end everything connects.

via 9to5Mac