Apple Already Leads Sales of Fully Wireless Headphones in the United States

, friends, that same story we always hear: Apple may enter a market late, but when it does, it rocks. Alright, the phrase may not be exactly that, but we understand that the maxim that Ma hopes until everything is working well to then introduce their products and services is true and that's what happened in the case of Airpods.

While Apple's wireless headsets took longer than expected to be available for purchase, they didn't disappoint at all. The experience of With them, you have checked here, and even though in a few people their ergonomic part has not favored (alas, Breno Masi!), most of the users were quite pleased.

And buyers' satisfaction has obviously turned into numbers, as it appeared in a survey by NPD Group, which revealed the difference that Ma phones have made in this market.

Fully wireless headsets represent a new segment that came out of the emergence of Bluetooth. Bragi and Doppler Labs were among the first companies to make fully wireless headsets, but the entry of technology tits like Apple and Samsung (but mostly Apple) led to an increase in unit sales in the segment.

According to the survey, more than 900,000 fully wireless headset units have been sold in the United States alone since the beginning of this year. And of that number, 85% (!) Is sales (in dollars) of AirPods.

Focusing on simple Siri access and other voice-initiated tasks, AirPods really act as an extension of the iPhone. Apple's path to category leadership has helped through disruptive pricing, brand resonance and enthusiasm for the W1 chip, which significantly facilitates Bluetooth connections with iOS and Mac devices.

Whites are, in fact, caresses compared to other options (not totally wireless). However, as much as people scowl at the price of AirPods, it cannot be denied that just the fact that Apple has entered that segment has already generated good attention even to its competitors and then has benefited the market as a whole. .

From now on, any manufacturer that enters this market must face the technology giants and try to deliver something as good as they are in sound quality, integrated services, features and more; Certainly, everything was much harder for newbies.

Now, just wondering if this happens in other areas that Ma wants to get in too (no doubt it happens): smart car system? What to be? Keep following the for next chapter scenes! 😜

via AppleInsider