Apple: already allows shopping in augmented reality on the iPhone

Apple has just released an update for Quick Look, its augmented reality tool introduced in 2018. With this update, the system now allows the use of an iPhone, or an iPad, to complete the purchase of a product in augmented reality.

Quick Look already offers previews of products in AR, so that users can estimate their size and appearance in a more realistic way. But the international press says that these three-dimensional models can now be accompanied by a purchase button for the acquisition to be completed on the platform itself, a feature that is gradually being made available and that is not yet known if it will reach all markets.

Quick Look was launched in 2018, together with ARKit 2. The functionality allowed brands to create three-dimensional models of their products so that users could have a more consistent idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe actual version of the product they were looking for online. In practice, if you are searching for flowers, or for a table centerpiece, for example, it becomes possible to see how the product would look on your dining table; or if a sofa fits in your room.

It is also worth mentioning that Apple also added support for space audio to Quick Look. This means that three-dimensional models now emit the sounds that they reproduce in reality.