Apple Adventure is reopened; new stores in Canada and Switzerland will open

Among all the responsibilities that Apple takes on, one that the company never abandons is to continue to improve its physical stores around the world. Between inaugurations, renovations and changes, the company is also thinking about the next steps of its (gigantic) retail chain.

This time, the company reopened the doors of one of its stores in Florida (United States), while another point of Ma in the same state is about to be reopened. In addition, the company is building a new store at the Toronto Eaton Center (Canada) while it plans to change its address in Switzerland.

Apple Adventure

At the end of last year, we commented on the reforms of Apple Adventure, at Fluid, which have just been finalized. A few days ago, it was reopened to the public, revealing what the months of construction brought back.

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Official Image:

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Starting with the external design, it is possible to notice that Ma has given a new store a very beachy profile, with the ceiling made of vaulted white concrete that feels like small waves and an “airy” style that immerses itself in the light colors and dynamic shapes without losing sight. Main feature of most Apple Stores around the world: modernity.

Apple Adventure

Inside, Apple Adventure stores all Ma retail news, such as Video wall and new exhibitors; Behind the new (and giant) display, a set of trees delimit the space for the Genius grove. In addition, the new facility is the second in Florida to be built with a private meeting room.

On the upper floor of the store you can see the amphitheater of Today at Apple and access Aventura Mall through another set of doors. Remember that the Apple Store connected shopping center is the largest in all of Florida, so the company has prepared everything to receive thousands of customers daily in the store.

Apple Waterside Shops

At exactly the same time we learned that Apple was building a new flagship Flrida, it was announced that another company location in the same state would be reformed. Apple Waterside Shops, which has been completely rebuilt and will be reopened the next day 24.

Originally the store in Naples It opened in early 2007, before the launch of the first iPhone. Until then, the front of the store, made of stainless steel panels, overlooked the mall with its open sky under a small cover. In recent months of renovation, both the original store and an adjacent Apple Store space were demolished to create a new, modern facility.

Apple Waterside Shops Front

Apple has already put up a facade in front of the new store announcing the opening next week; Like most Apple Stores open to outdoor areas, the company planted several palm trees between the sidewalk and the street. For the first time, Ma customers in southwest Florida will have a Forum is Video wall for sessions of Today at Apple. The opening will take place at 10am (local time).

Apple Eaton Center

J no Canada, plans involving the change of Apple Eaton Center They seem to be taking shape. As we reported earlier this year, the company is expected to move from the second floor of the homonymous shopping center to the ground floor, but it appears that expansion plans did not go as expected.

According to the publication, it is likely that Ma will not get the space then rented by two other retailers, Abercrombie & Fitch plus Bay Gap and Scotch & Soda which would give Apple more than 1,000m. In this sense, the company should really be two floors of the mall, in a slightly smaller space.

Csontrues at Apple Eaton Center

It appears that the opening of the new store in Toronto will take place between late September and early October, and may (or may not) coincide with the start of sales of new iPhones.

Apple Bahnhofstrasse

While a change is about to be completed, another should start shortly: Apple announced this week that the Apple Bahnhofstrasse, in Zurich (in Yours), gain a new address.

According to the Swedish blog MacPrimeMa's shop moves to Rennweg Avenue, about 200 meters from its current location, on Bahnhofstrasse one of the main streets of central Zurich. There are still no details of why the move, but this may be related to a problem involving the rental agreement.

New Apple Store in Zurich

Apple Bahnhofstrasse was originally opened in 2009. The company has three other stores in the country: Apple Freie Strasse, Apple Rue de Rive and Apple Glattzentrum, the only one that was recently renovated with Ma's retail news.

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