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Apple admits issue and releases update to improve performance of new MacBooks Pro

After weeks of controversy and criticism on all sides, Apple is finally admitting that something is wrong with the performance of its new MacBooks Pro and not only with the most expensive 15 inch model with the i9 processor but with all the line.

Contrary to popular belief, however, Apple's failure, at least as a result of a design or design error, was software. Therefore, the company is today releasing an update to the macOS High Sierra which (theoretically) solves the performance problem. Here is Ma's statement:

After extensive testing under numerous workloads, we have identified that a digital key is missing from the firmware that impacts the thermal management system and can slow down the speeds. clock under high thermal loads on the new MacBook Pro.

A bug fix is ​​included in Supplemental Update 10.13.6 for macOS High Sierra released today, and we recommend the update. We apologize to any consumers who have experienced suboptimal performance on their new machines.

Consumers can expect the new 15-inch MacBook Pro to be up to 70% faster, and the new 13-inch MacBook Pro to be up to twice as fast, as shown in our website performance results.

The update 10.13.6 macOS High Sierra (builds 17G2208 and 15P6703) is exclusive to the new MacBooks Pro and therefore does not appear as available on the Brazilian software update pages as the new models are not yet sold here. However, it is possible (and highly recommended) to download the update on this page.

Apple's attitude was welcomed, but was not fully expected especially after Intel commented on the case, stating that the behavior of the i9 chip was "normal" and that each company could implement its own performance control system. Consumer Reports has come out in defense of Ma stating that the issue is not unique to MacBooks Pro and happens in almost every ultra-portable with powerful specs.

Now, to expect the “second roundIf so, all the countless tests that should pop up in the next few hours or days to check in practice whether Apple's update really solves the problem, or whether the solution is merely palliative designed to erase the strongest outbreaks of the fire. Be interesting to follow all this.

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