Apple Adds Searchable Transcripts to WWDC19 Videos

developer (or at least close to the subject) and likes to follow the sessions of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)? Now that's a lot easier.

Apple yesterday updated its video page of WWDC19 sessions with complete transcripts of all the lectures. This means that in addition to being completely subtitled (which is good news in terms of global accessibility), you can simply look for the term of interest to jump immediately to all the points of the session in which it was mentioned.

In addition to refined searching, you can also generate links to each pronounced term or phrase in a video which can facilitate saving key points of interest to you in each session or collaborating with other developers.

The news can already be seen on the video page of WWDC19 just choose one of them and click on the tab Transcript. Have fun!

via 9to5Mac