Apple adds a series of old Beats headphones to its list of vintage / obsolete products

As it does from time to time, Apple this week updated its product page vintage/ obsolete this, products no longer supported by it, totally discontinued.

This time, the change was in the headphones area Beats. Added:

  • Heartbeats (second generation)
  • Mixr
  • Powerbeats (first generation)
  • Pro
  • Solo (first generation)
  • Solo HD
  • Studio (first generation)
  • Tour (first generation)
  • Urbeats (first generation)
  • Wireless (1.5)
  • Wireless (first generation)

The list on the website is much larger, as it includes all the different colors of the respective models. With the exception of Wireless, they were all wired versions.

As we recently reported, rumors are circulating about the end of the 3.5mm jack on the iPhone 7 as well as one that claims Apple is developing a new fully wireless Beats headset.

(via MacRumors)