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Apple Adds 2012 iMacs to Classic / Obsolete Product List

When an Apple product completes the fifth anniversary of its production shutdown, it enters the product list. classic / obsolete from the company. Today, it was the turn of all models of the iMac of end of 2012 (21.5 and 27 inches) leave life to enter eternity.

In practice, this means that in much of the world, Apple no longer has an obligation to offer replacement parts or (paid) repairs for products that are considered “obsolete”. In only two parts of the world, Turkey and the state of California, products are considered “classic” and still have parts and support offered for two more years, as these locations require this period to be seven years after closure. production.

It's worth remembering that late last year, Apple launched a program that serves some classic products even after those five years, as long as the Apple Authorized Service Center or store has the spare part. The iMacs entering the list today, according 9to5Mac, are part of the repairs program, so they are not yet completely ruled out.

The full list of classic / obsolete products from Ma can be found here (without these iMacs yet).