Apple acquires Pop Up Archive, a startup that promises to improve podcast search

After the emergence of CastBox, a podcast aggregator with intelligent audio search within episodes, perhaps the Apple have been excited about the idea of ​​improving search for new podcasts.

Or not.

Although Ma does not know the aggregator, there are indications that she plans to improve the app Podcasts, and something that points to this is the fact that she has just acquired the startup Pop Up Archive.

Founded in November 2012, startup was focused on creating tools to help with the transcription, organization and search of audio files.

One of his most popular creations was the website, which on 11/28 closed its doors and announced that it “closed its operations”, which probably must have to do with the conclusion of the purchase.

Today, the site Nieman Lab got a confirmation of the acquisition of a representative of Ma, but it was not possible to confirm values ​​or more details.

Apple buys small technology companies from time to time, and we generally don't discuss our purposes or plans.

The ability to conduct research within the audio content in podcasts can be a very good thing to further spread the platform and also the native application of Apple.

If anything really will emerge from this acquisition, we don't know, but our support for the app to improve even more.

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via AppleInsider