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Apple acquires dozens of biometrics-related patents

Embedded in the iPhone in its 5s generation, the Touch ID (sensor for reading fingerprints) is one of the features that most facilitated the lives of users in the daily use of the device and also contributed to increase their security.

For Apple does not want to stop there. According to the CNN, in October last year it acquired 26 of the 31 patents registered by a company called Privaris. This, based in Virgnia (United States), would have basically ended its activities about five years ago although its website is still online. In its existence, it raised $ 29 million in investments.

The nearly three dozen patents are all related to biometrics, including fingerprint reading. One of them concerns the incorporation of sensors in touchscreens, which put the fire on rumors about a possible future iPhone without button.Home) physical.

Apparently, Apple only acquired Privaris' patent portfolio (intellectual property) itself, not the company and its employees.

(via Patently Apple)