Apple accuses Qualcomm of doubling its chips; wants to end charging for manufactured iPhone [atualizado: Qualcomm responde]

Another week, another chapter of the exciting novel of the judicial battle between Apple and Qualcomm. After a chip giant's assault on the court to force Ma to pay what she attests, Cupertino's company has now given a high answer: According to Tim Cook and his class, Qualcomm has been charging twice for its rights. of their chip technologies, which would invalidate the value required by the company. Who reported was the Reuters.

Apple accuses Qualcomm of Double-dippingIt is a financial practice to make double gains on the same property. More specifically, Ma reported justice that for years she had been paying twice for the technology of the microchip giant: once for royalties of the technology employed in the iPhones and one more for the parts themselves used in the handsets that already come with the value of the technology embedded in the price.

To prove its point, Apple justifies as an example a case involving Lexmark, manufacturer of printers and imaging products. In a dispute between this company and Qualcomm, the court ruled that the chipmaker could only demand a payment related to its intellectual property and products; Following this logic, therefore, Apple would be relieved of paying twice for the same good.

As a result, the patent agreement between the two companies, which requires Ma to pay a Qualcomm fee for each iPhone unit manufactured, would be invalidated, Cupertino claims. This is, ultimately, Apple's main goal: to strike a new deal that will allow it to buy chips from the manufacturer without having to pay a fee based on the iPhones it makes.

In addition, Apple's attorneys have still asked for justice to cancel the lawsuits filed by Qualcomm directed at Ma's automakers in Asia, according to Cupertino. The legal dispute should only be between the two main companies in the price and adjacent companies should not be involved in the process. imbroglio.

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Update 06/26/2017 s 15:07

Qualcomm responded to Apple's latest accusations with a note published on its own website. In it, the microchip giant claims that Ma's biggest distortion is in its “representation of Qualcomm's technological contributions to its mobile devices” ie Tim Cook and his class are supposedly working to diminish the importance of iPhone manufacturer and company.

“Qualcomm innovations are at the heart of every iPhone and enable the most important functions and uses of these devices,” says Rosenberg [Qualcomm Executive Vice President and General Counsel]. “It's simply a lie that Qualcomm is trying to get royalties Apple innovations that have nothing to do with our technology. In addition, the device fee charged by Qualcomm to Apple automakers for the use of our licensed technologies on the iPhone is lower than Apple charges for a single wall connector adapter. ”

The company ends the note by saying that it is confident that it will be victorious in its legal disputes with Ma. But that, of course, only time can tell.

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