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Apple accuses Psystar of hiding justice information

Apple asked a US federal court judge to intervene in the information discovery process at Psystar, a maker of Mac clones. The company would be violating the normal procedure of the process, avoiding answering fundamental questions and hiding financial details about its business.

Psystar fight Apple

Representatives of the Cupertino firm reportedly made a formal administrative request to Chief Justice William Alsup on Wednesday, accusing Psystar including its founder and CEO Rudy Pedraza of not collaborating at this stage of the process (with a deadline set for June 26), making it difficult for both of them to gather the information needed for the trial, which will take place on November 9 if no agreement is reached between the two parties.

Despite marketing Mac clones since April 2008, Psystar only delivered some purchase receipts from December 2008 to March 2009, refusing to disclose sales, billing and profit figures from its business.

(Via: World of Apple.)