Here we go: Psystar officially appeals to Apple's US court case

Apple accuses Psystar of destroying evidence

While Apple's top executives are testifying in the case against Psystar, the Cupertino firm's legal department recently came to the public's charge of destroying evidence that could incriminate it for infringing Mac OS X copyrights. information that emerged about the case, information deleted from copies of the SO should be preserved to comply with US laws.

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With this new accusation, Apple has great evidence that the clone maker has violated these laws and many others by modifying Mac OS X and installing it on unauthorized machines. To make matters worse on Psystar's side, Ma recalled a statement made by CEO Rodolfo Pedraza, in which he specified the changes his company made to circumvent the system's protection technologies.

The justice should hear this new accusation calmly soon, more specifically at a hearing on August 20, the day after the testimony of Simon Patience, one of the main engineers behind Mac OS X. If it finds the accusation valid, Psystar can be forced to yield the code used for analysis, being penalized if you do not. All of this is favorable for Apple, but the judgment of this soap opera is still far away.