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Apple A4 won't be an exclusive iPad chip, analysts say

As the iPad ad also included the unveiling of the first processor created by Apple after acquiring PA Semi, some experts already believe the company will expand the use of its own computing technology to other products. Nathan Brookwood, an analyst at Insight 64, believes that a A component similar to the one included in the Apple tablet can significantly increase the processing power of iPhones and iPods touch, which are now quite fast.

"There is no reason why such a chip will not be implemented on the iPhone," he said, noting that the iPad opens applications and changes the orientation of the screen instantly for users. In addition to being much faster than the Samsung solutions used in other Apple gadgets, the A4 can also bring more battery life for them, benefiting all users who rely heavily on iPhones / iPods touch on a daily basis.

Apple didn't want to talk much about the A4 (even outside of Wednesday's presentation), but for many other analysts it was also clear from the iPad's performance that Ma found a possibility to create much more efficient products using custom-designed hardware. . However, this should not affect the relationship it has with Intel, as the current generation of Macs already offers high energy efficiency and very satisfactory performance for users.

(via Macworld)