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AppImageHub, the AppImage Store

New website to download programs in AppImage format, now with store face is available, see:

Flatpak and Snap have store-like sites, now Appimage gets in the way with AppImageHub.

appimage-app-appimagehub-shop-linux-download Don't know what one AppImage? Learn all about him, access the subject and start enjoying programs in this format. The year 2018 was full of news for new ways to distribute software on Linux. We had implementations in Flatpak, one new look to Flathub, improvements in Snap and much more. Amid so much news about such formats, AppImage ended up in the shade, and seemed to be forgotten by some users.

Behold, in 2019, the old download site for most AppImage, replaced by the brand new AppImageHub, not just a software hub. New functions, categorization of Apps and clearly a visual polish.


Improvements implemented with the user in mind

In addition to the new look, AppImageHub brings interesting features such as: Access to official application site, Bugtracker (for reporting software errors), Application FAQ, where FAQs can be resolved, and link to project contribution via support financial.


Not all software has these functions available. It seems that something regarding who distributes them, if such possibilities exist, are linked on the App page on AppImageHub.


By selecting the desired category, illustrative images, brief summary and, where available, the options described above are shown. Basic features like: Software download, who distributes it, and the site / Github are also present.

Mini step by step, and options that many are unaware of

Information on how to use an AppImage, update them without going to your page, integrate into the system, make it SANDBOX as a Flatpak or Snap, are accessible on the site, as well as a thank you to the developers who make it possible to distribute their applications in AppImage format.

Testing some suggestions from AppImageHub

News is always welcome, but it is clear that some suggestions from the AppImage team do not depend on them, but on who distributes the software in the format. I performed the procedure to update AppImages through the tool AppImageUpdate, in 3 different applications, the Synfig Studio, Gimp and Kdenlive, but without success. appimage-updater-update-appimage

The need to manually download each version can be a disadvantage for many. If it depends on the AppImage team, which already demonstrates an initiative, this problem will not exist in the future.

Access the AppImageHub website And check out the news, this kind of practical application, when you least expect it, will be using several AppImages.

Do you use applications in AppImage? Tell us and comment on which apps you'd like to use in this format and what features you want AppImages and AppImageHub for future releases.

See you in the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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