App wants to find WWDC19's most memorable moments by analyzing participants' hearts

An Apple keynote is always a landmark event: even with fewer surprises or bomb ads, there's always that buzz of the past few days and the feeling of excitement when the company finally reveals what you've been working on for the last few months (or years). Now the Cardiogram wants to quantify this animation.

The iPhone and Apple Watch app, dedicated to collecting information from the user's heart and providing insight into his heart health, has a very cool plan: to define which moments of the opening keynote WWDC19 will be the most striking and amazing. As? Analyzing the beats of the event participants, of course!

Anyone at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, at the time of the WWDC's opening keynote can start a cardiac recording on Cardiogram for Apple Watch; The application monitors the user's heart until the end of the presentation, recording possible peaks and joining this information with that of all other participants to create a "map" of the event's defining moments.

The cool part is that, during the conference, anyone can access this site to track a live record of the collective heartbeat. The page will show a brief history of the participants' hearts, so we can compare the current moment with what happened earlier in the keynote.

Cardiogram: Heart Rate Monitor app icon

With that, who knows, the traditional question so discussed after Apple events will be answered more objectively: what was the best announcement of the day?

What are your bets, anyway? We'll know next Monday!

via AppleInsider