App Tudo Gostoso: the tastiest recipes in the palm of your hand

App Tudo Gostoso: the tastiest recipes in the palm of your hand

For the most renowned chefs, cooking is an art and a gift. For amateurs and the inexperienced, cooking is adventure and therapy. For everyone else, cooking can be a fun and very tasty alternative to gather friends and family. What do all these groups have in common? The Tudo Gostoso app!

In total, about 200 thousand irresistible recipes are listed and explained in the smallest detail on the pages of this application, which is considered one of the most accessed by Brazilians. Learn all about this virtual cookbook now:

While older kitchen lovers needed to write and check all their recipes in the well-known cookbooks, nowadays, practicality has already changed this scenario for most people.

An example of how it can be easy, simple and very fast to find that favorite recipe and / or check the ingredients and how to prepare a new dish is the Tudo Gostoso app, which allows all these options with just a few taps and clicks on the TV screen. your computer or mobile device.

And to make sure that it is worth taking up your device’s memory space with this system, we researched the program and prepared a special list below with the main pros and cons:


  • The application offers approximately 200 thousand recipes, divided between sweet and savory – there is a dish to please all tastes;
  • You do not need to be online to check the ingredients and not even how to prepare the dish you have decided to prepare;
  • It is available for Android and iOS;
  • Although it is full of information, the application version does not take up much space on the device where it is installed;
  • You can search for recipes by name, ingredient or even category;
  • If you liked a recipe, but do not want to try it at the moment, the application has a special function and allows you to save it so that you can return to the instructions whenever you want;
  • There are chances of your recipe and even the photo of your dish also being part of the Tudo Gostoso recipe list, just select the option “send recipe” and send the data and files through the application itself;
  • The download is free.

Negative points

In the face of so much information and images that are capable of making anyone with “mouth watering”, no negative points were found about the Tudo Gostoso app.

Upon completing the download of this app and accessing its page, in a few moments the user can:

  • Search by name, ingredient or category for the recipe that most arouses your desire to try;
  • Save the list of ingredients and how to make the recipe that most caught your attention;
  • Use the function called “timer”, perfect for timing the time indicated in the recipe and notifying the user when it is necessary to finish the process;
  • Interact and contribute to the application and the thousands of other users by sharing the preparation data and the real images of your favorite recipe;
  • A launch that was successful in its last update was the sending of recipes according to the user’s location, thus, the secrets of preparing typical dishes were revealed.

Did you want to have access to the most complete virtual cookbook in the country? So, access the link below and click to start the download now: