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App Store “Updates” tab will be hidden on iOS 13, but you can delete apps from it

I have a good news about the tab “Updates” from the App Store on iOS / iPadOS 13.

The way Apple decided (or was forced to) hide it: With the arrival of the new tab dedicated to Apple Arcade, I now need to touch your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen (which shows a badge when there are pending updates) to access the updates at the bottom of the window that opens.

"iOS "iOS

The bad change for those who like to manage these updates manually (for those who make it automatic, doesn't make much difference) and / or for those who like to check their updates. changelogs of apps that are updated.

Obviously, as we are still in the first beta of iOS 13, there is always the possibility that Apple will reverse this change before the official release of the new operating system. It all depends on the (negative) feedback she gets about it from developers and beta testers.

Good news is that you can finally swipe in any app from right to left to wipe it from iPhone / iPad directly through this update screen:

IOS 13 App Updates

I don't know you, but I always wanted that. 😊

collaborated: Vincius Porto