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App Store Specials of the Day: MacFamilyTree 8, Elder Sign: Omens, Command & Conquer, and more!

Check out our traditional selection of promoes on the App Stores for this wednesday!

Sorry, app not found.

Our highlight of the day is with the thymus MacFamilyTree, created by the people of Synium Software.

This is a perfect app for you, interested in registering your family tree.

It all starts with an index person; then the other related persons are inserted. For example, you, then your father, your mother, your grandparents, your great-grandparents, your brothers, spouse and so on

MacFamilyTree helps you capture your family history and turn data and facts into compelling reports and visually stunning graphs. Several events can be added for each member of your tree, from wedding, christening, confirmation, graduation, retirement, etc.

Check out a video about the app:

Oh, and an iOS version closes the feature pack:

Sorry, app not found.

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Below are other apps / games that together add up to over $ 70 in discounts:

IOS apps

Elder Sign: Omens for iPhone app icon

Strategy game.

Sorry, app not found.

Boat race.

App icon The Great Coffee App

For the coffee fans.

App Icon You Must Build A Boat

Match pieces.

Riddlord: The Consequence app icon


App for macOS

Command & Conquer ™ app icon: Generals Deluxe Edition

A classic of strategy games.

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Enjoy the offers and until tomorrow remembering that they are always for a limited time, so good to run! 😀