App Store Specials of the Day: Call of Duty 4, Hatchi, Radiant One, and more!

Check out our selection of promoes of the day on the App Store for this wednesday!

Call of Duty 4, developed by Infinity Ward and licensed by Activision, is not one of the newest war games in our column, but it is still a beautiful title.

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The game's plot puts you in a futuristic city, powerfully armed and of no known origin. The super-realistic experience features stunning special effects, special lighting, depth of field, texture transmission and character shadows.

Call of Duty 4's multiplayer level system is quite robust, offering a variety of unlockable advantages and divisions by class and ability, making it suitable for all types of gamers, from the most experienced to the novice. In the field of viewing modes, the Kill cam, feature created in Call of Duty 2, enables replays snapshots.

Like it and don't have it yet? Enjoy the 50% discount!

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Below are other iOS apps that together add up to more than $ 98 off:

Hatchi app icon - A retro virtual pet

Your virtual pet.

Radiant One app icon

Adventure game.

Vampire's Fall: Origins RPG app icon

RPG game.

Voice Changer app icon - Voice Recorder, with Funny Effects

Voice recording with sound effects.

DB meter app icon - noise measurement

Decibis meter.

Xmart Calculator Pro app icon

Calculator option.

Sleep Sounds app icon

Sounds to sleep.

Gun Movie FX app icon

Sound effects.

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Enjoy the offers and until tomorrow remembering that they are always for a limited time, so good to run! 😏