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App Store Editorial can now be viewed on the web

When the App store was remodeled in iOS 11, she got a tab called “Today” that brings various editorials like game / app of the day, some tips, developer stories and more.

These are well-written and often explanatory texts that are worth checking. The cool part is that you could very well share this editorial with someone by tapping the "Share" button at the end of each story. The annoying thing that up to now these editorials could only be read on iPhones, iPads or iPods touch they just didn't work on desktop browsers the way you expected (you just had a brief summary with a link to the App Store that of course only works in iGadgets).

Now this is changing, as reported by the 9to5Mac.

Web App Store Editorial

All of these editorials can now be viewed on Macs / PCs, which is pretty cool for anyone who follows this content and was limited to the mobile device. Apart from the text itself, all links to apps and screenshots can also be viewed in the desktop browser by my tests here, only videos are not there (who knows something Apple still implements).

While it is not possible to access the App Store homepage or purchase applications through the browser, this content expansion is nonetheless a plus that joins other Apple initiatives such as being able to listen to music and podcasts through the desktop browser.